The potential Benefits to YOU when using the services of an Independent Healthcare Advocate:

  • Team approach to your healthcare issues, ensuring open and clear communication with physicians
  • Reduce Your Risk of Medical Errors
  • Have your Questions and Concerns addressed at appointments and/or during hospitalizations
  • Better Healthcare with a clearer understanding of your healthcare options
  • Ease your worries, resolve your concerns, and give you peace of mind


I am an iRNPA, an Independent RN Patient Advocate, in the Boston/South Shore/Cape Cod area. I have been a Registered Nurse for over twenty years. If you or a loved one are presently experiencing healthcare issues please call us.

WE CAN HELP, Contact us at 617-240-1874 or email Robin at rspardacurran@gmail.com  

We provide you with a dedicated healthcare advocate, committed to ensuring you or your loved ones can rest easy knowing we’re here to help

Our mission is to provide the education, information, and tools to our clients so they can make an educated, informed decision about their healthcare issues and treatment recommendations. Call Your Nurse Advocate today at 1-617-240-1874 for a free, confidential conversation and learn more about how we can assist you.